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Farm to Plate

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The Bennington Farm to Plate Council was formed to promote and support Vermont’s Farm to Plate Strategic Plan in ways that are appropriate for our region.

The primary goals of the statewide Vermont Farm to Plate Initiative are to increase economic development in Vermont’s food and farm sector, to create jobs in the food and farm economy, and to improve access for all to healthy, local food.

We believe that growing, buying and serving locally grown and produced food and ensuring it is widely available and affordable to all, is one of the best ways to benefit the people, the economy and the environment of Bennington County and our neighbors in New York and Massachusetts.

If Vermonters increased their purchase of locally grown foods from 5% to just 10%, it would add an average of 1500 jobs in the farm and food sector, and increase in wages and business income statewide by $110 million, in addition to increasing the amount of fresh, affordable, healthy food in our diets.

Our Mission: To cultivate a vibrant, just, and resilient farm and food system in and around Bennington County.

Our Vision: Abundant, affordable and sustainable food for the Bennington Region

Our Goals:

  • to connect the dots and increase collaboration between the individuals and organizations that make up the Bennington area’s farm and food system;
  • to increase awareness of the benefits of growing and eating local foods;
  • to act as a resource and clearinghouse for information about sustainable/ locally grown and produced food and food resources in our communities;
  • to increase the availability and affordability of food produced, sold and consumed within and around the Bennington region.